Fit for the Future – Rüsselsheim 2020

The City of Rüsselsheim, one of the leading automotive competence centres in Europe, is rapidly transforming from a major manufacturing area into an innovative business location focussing on Research & Development in the automotive field.

Facing structural changes in the automotive industry and an increasingly fierce global competition between business locations, the City of Rüsselsheim actively addresses these challenges by turning them into opportunities. By commissioning the study “Rüsselsheim 2020”, the future strategic development of the City of Rüsselsheim is based on scientific research results and economic necessities.

The study not only outlines the strategic direction but also defines five key priorities. Since 2006, first measures have been realised. All measures of Rüsselsheim 2020 are in the deployment phase.

With the implementation of “Rüsselsheim 2020”, the City of Rüsselsheim will be prepared as an ideal first-class business location focussing on the automotive and high-tech industry as well as remaining a place that is worthwhile living in.